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The Benefits of Messaging in a Contact Center Environment

This article was originally posted on by Ben Jost on February 24th, 2017.

A new window pops up on an agent’s screen saying “Extra pillows would be great”. It’s an incoming text message from a customer who is planning to check into one of the hotel branches tomorrow, roughly 300 miles from where the agent, who works for the hotel chain’s contact center, is located. Within a few seconds, the message has been delivered to the particular property, signed off on as “received,” routed to room service who will ensure that there are, in fact, extra pillows upon the guest’s arrival, and a confirmation text has been sent to the guest explaining that it is no problem at all, and offering safe travels.

This type of on-promise/off-premise work-flow, utilising SMS as a communication channel, may seem a bit future-thinking. However, the technology to allow this approach, including the automated workflow, is here today. This example is specific to the hotel industry, but there are lessons that can be applied across more segments, and benefits that can be accumulated within any company in almost any industry. For instance… Read more.

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