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The Benefits of Using a Fulfilment Service

When businesses think of outsourcing services to a call centre, they often presume that this just involves services that handle overflow call volumes, after hours support and diary management. While this is true, many are unaware of the fulfilment services that they can also avail of.

Outsourcing these services can be extremely beneficial for a company. Regardless ,if you are or are not already using a call centre service provider. During periods of the year when customer demand may be higher such as the Christmas or summer periods, a fulfilment service will both store and dispatch all your company material eliminating the need for you to.

Benefits of Fulfilment

A fulfilment service offers the following benefits to companies

Provides Flexibility

Allowing a third party call centre to store and dispatch materials such as welcoming packs, marketing materials, brochures and application forms means that your company no longer has to get bogged down by storage issues and manual handling. This ultimately gives you more time to focus on the aspects of your business that matter most.

Reduces Costs

Without the worry of handling fulfilment services, this will cut down on in-house expenses tremendously. For example, you will not need extra staff, storage space, utilities, moving equipment or packing supplies. Outsourcing means that you are only paying for certain services rather than incurring unnecessary overhead costs.

Provides Access to Improved Technology

A call centre has access to the latest technological improvements in software and hardware machinery. By outsourcing these services, you ensure that your company’s database, inventory and shipments are kept up to date.

At Call Pageboy Contact Centre, our dedicated fulfilment department responds to your customers needs and requirements either via post or email within minutes of them getting in contact. We integrate our email system with yours so that our agents can reply to your customers directly from your domain. For postage requests, we dispatch all order from our storage space and ensure all customers next day delivery. If you would like to know more about the services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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