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The Customer Has the Most Important Contact Center Job

This article about contact center was originally posted on on February 3rd, 2017 by Adam Bonefeste.

When you think about contact center jobs, you probably imagine people wearing headsets and answering calls in front of computer screens staring at call center software all over the world. These employees are the part of a company that is responsible for solving any problems that come up. When you think of people with contact center jobs, you probably don’t look in the mirror. Unless of course, you purchased a mirror that is giving you problems. You need to contact the company that produced it.

There’s a common misconception that these agents with headsets have the important contact center jobs. After all, they’re the ones digging into details, distributing information and ultimately “solving problems” related to customer support. But if you take a step back, you’ll realise that there’s someone else who is more important to the process: the customer.

The goal of customer centers jobs is not to produce the most helpful agents, it’s to produce the most satisfied customers…. Read more.

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