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The future of AI in Customer Service

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The future of AI in Customer Service

There is no doubt the age of the customer is here. Whether B2B or B2C, customers expect to be able to contact businesses, and receive assistance, at the time of their choosing, and via the channel of their choice.

But how does a business adopt an ‘always on’ approach with customers, while savings costs and improving the bottom line?

The answer is artificial intelligence (AI), which is fast becoming a customer service must-have. In fact, according to Gartner, up to 80 per cent of customer service interaction is expected to be handled by AI by 2020.

AI improves customer service and accelerates business outcomes, including improving the bottom line. By automating simple tasks that don’t require human interaction.

Cost & Time Efficient

It is neither cost-effective nor time-efficient to have human staff answering simple questions for customers. Businesses simply can’t facilitate effective customer retention by transferring time-poor customers to multiple agents within the business just to get a query answered.

AI assists with this in a number of areas: by providing answers to simple customer questions 24/7, sorting messaging, prioritising queries to a human agent quickly where necessary, and by freeing up human agents to facilitate higher value calls.

This is possible by analysing large amounts of data faster than a human agent ever could, therefore predicting the required response quickly, and with more accuracy, than has been previously available.

AI uses cutting edge voice recognition to understand what someone is asking, identify the consumer, and predict the necessary response.

Natural language processing (NLP) is the latest tool in AI’s arsenal. It analyses human language to understand context and outcomes, so AI can converse…

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