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The Future of Customer Service: 12 Trends to Test in 2020

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The Future of Customer Service: 12 Trends to Test in 2020

The future of customer service could mean the future of your business. 77% of customers are “fed up” with bad customer service, and 91% of consumers only buy from brands they trust. That means poor customer service leads to lost customers and lost revenue.

Consumers demand amazing service and will spend more to get it. Companies who don’t adapt to this risk their livelihood. And companies that do are making millions. But like so much else, change is fast-paced.

Each day brings new ideas and new challenges. And in a service-oriented space, you might feel adrift.

So, what can you do to ensure your business keeps pace with customer service trends? We’ve got you covered. Here are 12 customer service trends to watch and even get ahead of the pack!

12 Trends Driving the Future of Customer Service

1) Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel is one of the most successful trends in marketing. An omnichannel approach treats each customer experience as a single journey with the customer at the center. All channels work together seamlessly every step of the way.

Although many companies have multiple channels, they aren’t all truly omnichannel.

Multichannel approaches put the business at the center. And in this approach, channels often operate in silos, which disrupts the user experience.

According to Shopify, the omnichannel vs. multichannel difference is clear: “[O]mnichannel removes the boundaries between different sales and marketing channels to create a unified, integrated whole.

The distinctions between channels—onsite, social, mobile, email, physical, and instant messaging—disappear as a single view of the customer as well as a single experience of commerce emerges.

But, omnichannel doesn’t mean every customer or every company uses every channel. Instead, successful strategies engage customers where they are.

It doesn’t tell them where they have to go. And they know what their various types of customers need. If a channel isn’t well-executed, you’ll do more harm than good. In fact, you’ll erode the customer experience.

2) Customer Success

Customer service is one thing, but it doesn’t guarantee your customers will stick around. In a world where it’s easier to do customer service right, great customer service experience might not be a differentiator. Customers must also get value.

A focus on customer success delivers value faster and more consistently over time. And results show up in your retention numbers.

So what’s the difference? Customer service is about reacting to situations and interactions. Good customer service happens when a product delivers on its promise. Or when the package arrives on time or early.

By contrast, customer success is proactive. It addresses problems before they start. And it arms customers with what they need for success. Customer success identifies metrics that create successful customers and works to help every customer succeed faster.

Ask yourself, what can we do today to help our customers get value from what we offer? You might even hire a Customer Success team to track, plan, and facilitate customer success.

The article goes on to include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots
  2. Real-Time Communication
  3. Video
  4. Social Media
  5. Personalization
  6. Empowered Customer Service Agents
  7. Ticketing Systems
  8. Self-Service Options
  9. Data-Driven Support
  10. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

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