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The Price of Poor Customer Service

This article about the price of poor customer service was originally posted on by John Alarcon on July 20th, 2017.

Nearly one in two customers won’t hesitate to abandon a brand if a company can’t provide them with assistance in critical customer service channels. According to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

Forty seven percent of North American and European consumers surveyed said they would stop doing business with a brand. If they reached a certain level of frustration when reaching out to a company for help.

The CMO Council study revealed consumers’ low tolerance for poor customer service and several other insights relevant to today’s omni-channel approach to engaging and supporting customers.

The researchers found that customers aren’t expecting perfection in every communication channel (phone, email, social media, web chat, forums, etc.). But do count on excellence in a narrow range of channels, including web sites, email, and the availability of a phone number that will reach a knowledgeable agent immediately.

What frustrates customers? The study found that the most common frustrations are price increases on products. That don’t seem to result in added values or improvements. The next most frustration (36 percent of respondents) is sensing that the company does not value them as a customer.

And not only will nearly half of customers walk away from a brand after a poor customer service experience. 32 percent said they would email the company to complain, and 29 percent would tell all family and friends…. Read more.

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