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Tips for Handling Rising Call Volumes

The sound of a ringing phone for a business, more often than not, is a sign of growth and achievement. As it indicates increasing interest in your company. However, as call volumes begin to rise dramatically at certain times of the year. It can often become something that causes dread among your in-house staff if not fully prepared for.

The beginning of a new year for most businesses is often accompanied with an increased demand in customer care and support. Whether it is an individual ringing after the Christmas period with questions regarding products they received as gifts. Or a company calling in regards to your services after setting their business goals for the year.

If you find yourself on the phone all day and unable to focus on important in-house tasks, working alongside a call centre provider can provide extensive benefits during this period.

As they can provide:

  • Prompt call handling 
    • When a spike in call volume happens, it can be very easy for customers to be left waiting. On the other end of the phone leading to increased frustration levels if left unhandled. A dedicated team of call agents can provide prompt call handling services ensuring that all calls are answered effectively without harming customer satisfaction.
  • After hours customer support 
    • Call centre customer support isn’t restricted to just working hours. Many call centres offer after hours support which allows customers to contact your business at any time of the day. This form of service extends beyond just phone calls to emails, live chat and social media channels.
  • Improved call  centre technology 
    • Access to the latest call centre technology provides multiple benefits. When handling rising call volumes. Call agents have access to software which allows them to provide seamless customer support through the likes of call back technology and diary management.
  • Efficient escalation procedures 
    • With the correct escalation procedures in place, if in the event that a call agent can’t fully carry out the necessary support for a customer, they can quickly escalate a customer’s call to the appropriate person in your company without hesitation.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre offers our clients a wide range of customer support services to ensure that your company can provide consistent levels of customer satisfaction regardless of the time of the year and your rising call volumes. For more information, contact us here.

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