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Tips for Managing Customer Experience During Covid-19

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Customer Experience During Covid-19

You, like me, like my colleagues, are probably working from home. In fact, as of March 24, 20% of the world’s population is effectively not leaving their residence except for essential activities.

This is an unprecedented societal shift, and from a purely business perspective, it’s already affecting buyer journeys, customer expectations and brands’ abilities to meet them.

Anybody who works in marketing, sales, and product development is facing similar challenges – we’re all in the same boat.

While not wishing to minimise in any way the human impact of this pandemic, we wanted to share some tips for smoothing out the customer journey in this novel context.

Optimise Mobile Experience

You may have intuited this, but all of this ‘at home time’ is pushing smartphone usage way up – especially among the younger generation. A Global Web Index report, which collected data between March 16 and 20 from 13 countries, bore this out:

“70% globally say they are spending more time on their smartphone, climbing above 80% for Gen Z.”

Digging into the data reveals some differences based on age, gender and location, but the overall trend is prominent.

So, if you have a web presence, you’re going to want to make your smartphone customer experience as smooth as possible. We have lots of tips on how to improve the mobile experience on our site, but a few to start off with:

  • Scrupulously consider the position of your most important CTAs – are they within ‘the thumb zone’ on mobile?
  • Consider using stick-to-scroll for important elements, like the search bar, ‘add to basket’ CTAs, etc.
  • Consider slimming down any bulky header images or removing non-essential content out of the prime real estate zones.

CSR and Value-Driven Brands

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility and showing the ‘purpose’ behind your brand is key in…

…The article goes on to include:

  • Focus on Social Media to Build Engagement
  • Change Up Your Subscription Model
  • Reassure and Inform Your Customers

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