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Tips for Re-engaging Customers after COVID-19 Quarantine

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Re-engaging customers after quarantine

Though the timeline is unclear, the COVID-19 quarantine will eventually end and you will need to re-engage customers. Businesses have been in reaction mode as the crisis has escalated — updating their messaging, content strategies and customer service tactics to best support their customers through a difficult time.

But it’s not too soon to start looking forward. Even though things will be different for a long time, people will start going out and consuming again — and businesses can be ready for them. Once people are allowed to leave their home, having a business strategy in place for re-engaging customers will ease the transition from supporting them in quarantine to serving them as they return to a new normal.

Above all, it’s vital to understand your customers’ needs during a unique period. To help you get ahead on your post-COVID-19 strategy, here are eight tips for effectively communicating information important to your business and encouraging customers to engage.

1. Plan an announcement on your website and social media for when you resume operations

Once you’re ready to resume more traditional operations, even if it involves contactless transactions, safeguards, and other necessary precautions, you’ll want to let your customers know. You should do this across a variety of channels, but it’s important that you add any post-quarantine announcements to your website’s homepage, where they can’t be missed. You can accomplish this in several ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Banners — Adding a small, non-intrusive banner can be used to highlight important announcements without disrupting customer experience. Be sure to add the banner to your homepage, and consider making it global across your site so that customers can see it no matter what page they land on.
  • Pop-ups — Like banners, pop-ups are an easy way to implement announcements globally across your website. Pop-ups allow for more room for text and will ensure the announcement doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Blog posts — Lengthier announcements may require their own unique pages, and your blog is a perfect medium for this. Use the space to lay out thorough information about when and how your business will begin to resume operations, and what customers should expect.
  • Social media — Your website isn’t the only place to make announcements. Make sure to get the word out on social media so that your customers will know you’re back in business even if they don’t visit your website…

…The article goes on to include:

  • Email your customer list
  • Update your Google My Business listing with hours of operation
  • Offer exclusive content or discounts
  • Host a small event, with proper precautions
  • Support your community
  • Listen to customer feedback

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