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Top 10 WOW Customer Service Stories

This article on ‘The Top 10 WOW Customer Service Stories’, was originally posted by Shaun Belding on CustomerThink is a global online community of business leaders striving to create profitable customer-centric enterprises.

Top 10 WOW Customer Service Stories

We found these examples invaluable in examining and illustrating the skills and attitudes that create wow experiences and real customer loyalty. We hope that you find these top 10 wow customer service stories from 2018 as useful, enlightening and inspiring as we do! Here are our winners, presented in order from number 10 to number one.

10. So, A Bear Walks Into A Liquor Store…

There likely aren’t a lot of customer service manuals out there with instructions on what to do when a bear wanders into a store. Fortunately, a quick-thinking employee at Crazy Bruce’s Discount Liquor was able to avert a potential disaster. When the automatic outside doors opened and a bear walked it, the employee swiftly moved to lock the inside door to prevent the bear from entering. It was a good thing that he stayed alert, because moments later, a customer walked into the vestibule where the bear was. Fortunately, the employee was able unlock the door and let the customer into the store before things went horribly wrong. It is a great (and unique) reminder of the role that awareness plays in customer service.

Here’s the story

9.  Trader Joe’s Employee Says it With Flowers

Sometimes we forget how much of an impact a small gesture can make. A cashier at Trader Joe’s was chatting with a customer at the checkout, and heard her mention, “it’s just me and the kids.” After the customer left, the cashier ran after her with a bouquet of purple roses. She asked “you are a single mom right?” When the customer said yes, the cashier handed them to her, saying, “Here, these are for you.” The customer had been going through a tough time, and was deeply touched by the gesture. She posted her experience on Reddit, saying “If you’re on reddit, thank you. You are an amazing kind woman and your kindness is an even greater gift than the beautiful roses.”

For the record, there are a number of similar stories about Trader Joe’s out there. Kudo’s to a company that empowers their employees to make a difference in the lives of their customers.

Here’s the story

8. Burger King Employee’s Side Order of Caring

Providing outstanding customer service is a lot of work, particularly in a high-traffic environment. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of just processing customers instead of caring about them. Well, this certainly isn’t the case for Amarillo, Texas Burger King drive-thru cashier Tina Hardy.

When Rebecca Boening, a diabetic, realized that her blood sugar had dropped to dangerously low levels she pulled into the Burger King, and mentioned her situation to the voice on the other end of the speaker….


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