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Top Customer Service Myths That Needed Busting

There are a lot of misconceptions and customer service myths in the industry today, lets take a look at a few of them;

Myth: Less complaints is always better

Studies have shown that a large percentage of people will actually not complain, they will just leave the service. This doesn’t give the business a chance to fix or resolve the issue in order to encourage the customer to remain. Research by Esteban Kolsky revealed that only about 13% of unhappy customers will share their complaint with a business.

So you might think that getting no complaints is a good thing however you are actually missing out on vital information of your brand. Make it easy to users to get in contact with you when they need to.

If your customer reached out to you to explain about a problem with your service or product, this gives you the opportunity to not only optimise your offering as a whole, if plausible, but also to help stop that customer from leaving. It shows them you respect and care for their opinion and experience with your product. Research also suggests that users are more likely to refer you to a friend if they had an issue that was handled quickly and effectively. This actually builds customer loyalty.

Myth: AI will take over Customer Service

The use of AI and bots as customer service agents capable of handling many tasks is revolutionising the relationships between companies and their clients. From handling various tasks, troubleshooting, or interacting with potential customers, companies are finding much value from AI powered bots.

However AI will never fully replace skilled human agents and how they interact with your clients. Skills including understanding tone, context, emotions etc… especially in more delicate or serious conversations, its best to have a human interacting with your customer.

Myth: Service ends when the issue is resolved

Just because the business thinks the issue has been resolved, that does not mean it’s been resolved for the customer. The service ends when the customer says so. How many times have you opened a ticket and they close the ticket without even asking you? How frustrating is that?! and then you get sent a ‘quick customer service survey’ to fill out. That is a bullet proof strategy to annoy your customers.

Always ask your customer if they are satisfied before ending the service. Depending on your offering, a follow up conversation might be a great way to stay connected with them, this also shows your customer that you care for and respect their experience with your product.

Myth: Empathy is the key to good customer service

Empathy is a great trait to to possess. Especially if you are troubleshooting issues for customers. Empathy is all about having the ability to be aware of and being sensitive to someones else’s feelings. However empathy isn’t really the trait we look for in customer service agents, what we are really looking for is compassion.

While it can be argued that compassion is a form of empathy, it’s also important to distinguish between two.

Empathy is about putting yourself in the other persons shoes, feeling their pain. This can be very exhausting and can cause empathy fatigue. Compassion is more about wanting everyone to be happy and do well, but without taking on the emotions yourself.

Compassion doesn’t exhaust because it doesn’t require you to feel the other person’s pain to wish them well. Empathy burns you out, compassion energises.


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