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Using Scripts to Get the Right Take on Your Customer Experience

This article about scripts was originally posted on by Caleb Johnson on May 31st, 2017.

There’s a constant effort to provide customers with the “best” experience. But what is the best experience? Even with a journey map in hand, there’s an inevitable push and pull of wanting to create an engaging beneficial customer experience. That results in a high NPS score as well as an uptick in revenue.

Scripting customer interactions is an effective way to remove complexity from the customer interaction. Also enable associates to focus more on the customer, instead of the process. A common theme in the market is the fear that, with scripts, the conversation may appear inauthentic or that associates may not have all the right information. Yet if deployed correctly, scripts can be a valuable tool to improve customer experiences.

A good example of how scripts are helpful is when it comes to omni-channel interactions. The current customer support trend is to provide the customer with as many channels as possible to interact with the brand. Whether it is mobile, social, chat, video, or an old-fashioned phone call. The result still needs to be the same: the customer needs to find a resolution for the situation at hand. Scripting customer interactions ensures that the customer journey is consistent across channels… Read more.



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