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Ways Millennials are Redefining Customer Service

This article on ‘Ways Millennials are Redefining Customer Service’ was originally posted on salesforce.com.


Ways Millennials are Redefining Customer Service

1. Love self-service

Call us the Do-It-Yourself Generation. Having grown up with internet at fingertips, millennials are used to hunting information for themselves. Whenever they have problems for your product or service, they will first search for your FAQ pages and community forums. Research shows 69% of millennials say they “feel good about both themselves and the company when they can solve a problem solo.

A smart move for you is to create a community where millennials can connect and give advice to each other. They can find answers by themselves quickly, and your agents will have more time to deal with more complex issues. This also shows you respect the opinions and time of your millennial customers.

2.  Want it fast

Speed is critical. According to Desk.com, 25% of millennials expect to get a response within 10 minutes after reaching out for customer service via social media.

3. Prefer text messaging over phone calls

Millennials stay in message threads all the time, whether it’s SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It’s instant and mobile, which allows them to respond quickly wherever they are. But businesses are not keeping up with the same speed. Research shows 20% of millennials currently don’t receive any text messages from businesses at all.

Now it’s time to change that. Start to connect with your millennial customers today with LiveMessaging, and serve them their way.

4. Hyper-connected generation, with all kinds of devices

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops – millennials are switching among these devices every day. To please them, make sure you have seamless service support across all platforms. Remember to start with a mobile-responsive website design.

The article goes on to include:

  • Value brand engagement on social media.
  • Demand personalisation.

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