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What is ‘FCR’ in Customer Service?

FCR is an acronym for First Contact Resolution. 

FCR is also sometimes referred to “one-touch” cases. This single number reflects both the efficiency and effectiveness of your service reps, so it’s no wonder that teams put this KPI up on a pedestal.

In an increasingly demanding technological world, customers have access to multiple touch points for contacting your business’ customer support at any time of the day. However, when customers first contact your company, they desire their queries to be solved right away. This should be the norm in customer service and failure to do this can often be harmful to customer satisfaction.

How to Improve your FCR

Allow your customers to hep themselves

You can help your customers even before they contact you. Users these days, especially millennials, tend to be more self-efficient than older generations and want to figure out things for themselves. Therefore having resources such as FAQ’s, trouble shooting forums and online chats etc.. is essential. This allows them to help themselves and to do it quickly and efficiently for both the customer and the company.

What resolutions cause the most delays? 

After you have conducted a first call resolution analysis, it is important to conduct a root cause analysis on the calls that were not resolved on first contact. A good root cause analysis will help to identify trends, pinpoint inefficiencies and can inform data-driven decision making.

You can identify issues by looking into:

  • Why did the call take longer to solve?
  • Was the call transferred? Why and by/to who?
  • Was the call escalated to a manager? Why?
  • Did the interaction span different channels (i.e. phone, chat, email, walk-in)?
  • Why was the caller not satisfied with the solution?

Use segmentation to filter common issues

Do you have multiple departments that can receive calls? Why not set up dedicated lines so customers can call the department they need directly rather than being redirected.

Or alternatively have a phone system set up that users call one number but are promoted to choose from a selection of options. This reduces time spent by support staff directing calls, where they can better spend their time solving issues for customers. This also reduces call times for customers as they are promoted straight away to choose their option. Rather than waiting for the line to be picked up by an agent, to be then redirected, to then wait again for another agent to pick up.


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