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What Savvy Businesses Know About After Hours Customers

This article about after hours customers was originally posted on talkdesk.com by Shauna Geraghty.

There is no denying that today’s customer has come to expect instant access to relevant information and personalised sales interactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a prospect comes knocking at your virtual door at 2 am and there is no answer, they may go straight to your competition, rather than wait until your sales staff returns at 9 am.

So how do you cope with an ever-connected marketplace when your physical doors are only open for one third of each day? Do you open your doors 24/7? Do you outsource some departments or automate some of your workflow? Can you rework your website to provide comprehensive information and self-service options? Or do you just give up?

With the exception of giving up, which is clearly not an option, any one of these may be opportunities for you to interact with your after hours customers. You just need to know how.

Understanding The After Hours Customers

In some ways, the after hours customer is no different than the “during business hours” customer, which is actually your problem. The Internet changed the expectations of the online customer… Read more.

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