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Why a CRM System is Essential for Customer Service

A great customer experience isn’t possible without the provision of high quality customer service. A customer relationship management (CRM) system can be hugely beneficial in keeping businesses up to date with their customers actions and needs, while also acting as a customer loyalty enhancement and service tool. By keeping all the puzzle pieces of your customer’s information in the one place, you can greatly increase their overall satisfaction with your company.

A CRM system acts as a customer database providing you with a vast array of information in relation to your customers. Such as previous interactions with your company, any feedback given, and personal needs or problems that they may have. Not only is it helpful for accessing information on existing customers but it also helps in acquiring new customers. All customer details contained in a CRM system are kept centralised. This means that you can access it at any time.

Imagine that a customer is returning to your company with a query, CRM allows you to see what problems this customer has had in the past. You can also see if your solution satisfied the customer. A successful CRM and customer service strategy can help to not only build upon customer satisfaction but also improve brand loyalty and your business’ reputation.

CRM systems offer multiple benefits to companies such as:

  • Increased profitability 
    • Implementing a CRM system helps companies increase their overall profitability by building strong personal relationships with customers. CRM provides a company with the opportunity to nurture customer relationships. Using customer specific information, a company will be able to provide a customer with solutions. Also offer and content that responds to their exact needs. CRM, therefore, leads to improved customer loyalty and retention.
  • Improved productivity 
    • CRM systems are automated. Meaning that customer information such as sales information, company interaction and personal details are kept in the one place. This makes gathering information in regards to specific customers much easier increasing productivity level among call centre agents.
  • High customer satisfaction levels 
    • Customers that receive an attentive and personalised customer service experience tend to have higher levels of satisfaction. Due to the features that a CRM system provides, call agents can provide a high level of customer service with each interaction a customer has with a company leading to sustained levels of customer satisfaction.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre’s technology allows for easy integration with a CRM system. By adhering to strict data protection policies, our call centre agents can log customer calls and queries in real time. For more information on using CRM or the services that we offer, contact us here.

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