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Why Live Chat is Essential to Quality Customer Support

This article about live chat was originally posted on www.avoxi.com by Pablo Torres on January 26th, 2017.

According to Gartner, live chat will grow 400% from 2015 to 2018 as a preferred digital channel for customer engagement. A number of surveys cite customer satisfaction as a key driver to incorporate chat. Additionally, several benefits clearly show that internet chat is no longer a minor add-on feature to business websites. But it is now essential to providing quality customer support.

According to Derek Eccleston, Global Commercial Officer at eDigitalResearch [acquired by Maru/edr], eDigitalResearch’s latest Customer Service Benchmark indicates a correlation between ease of contact and customer satisfaction. And that websites with easy to find live chat signals to users the availability of customer service teams as well as the willingness to talk directly to customers about their issues. Statistics from the benchmark report indicate… Read more.

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