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Why Moments of Truth are Important in Customer Experience Journey

This article was originally posted on www.ameyo.com by Mansi Bhatia on October 30th, 2017.

How do you make your customers do what they want them to do? How do you pave the path for them to follow? Knowing your journey helps in getting an insight into their thought process, personality and most importantly their needs. Accurately tapping into those needs and aligning your service with that ensures customer satisfaction and creates positive customer experience (CX) memories.

Not only that, it also helps companies to identify the critical Moment of Truths. These are the interactions that make or break your relationship with a customer. Let us start our discussion by first understanding, what do we mean by customer journey, how to map CX journey and then we will move on to defining Moments of Truth.

What is Customer Journey

In a nutshell, a customer journey is the sum of all the experiences that a customer has throughout their interactions with the company. Instead of focusing on just a part of the experience of a specific touch point, we look at the complete experience of being a customer.

There are four stages in the customer/buyer’s journey:

  • Attract: In the first stage, the customer is not aware of their needs. We need to create that awareness.
  • Convert: Make the experience of the prospects personalised. Give them specific solution.
  • Close: Nurture the leads. Have thorough follow-up
  • Delight: Creating wow moments so that present customers become your advocates of your brand.

While travelling through this journey, we start off with strangers who progress onto becoming promoters of your brands…Read More.

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