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Why the CX Journey Relies on Great Customer Service

An exceptional customer experience (CX) is no longer a luxury but a critical priority for businesses. As technology progresses so do the needs, wants and desires of a customer. Today’s customers are no longer satisfied with a poor CX journey. Nor the customer service provision that was common place 10 years ago.

The customer experience refers to the journey that a customer has with a company. This includes every single interaction with your company from the first time they heard about you. To purchasing a product or service and any calls with your customer service team. The ideal CX journey is the one that includes as little hassle as possible. If the experience is of benefit to the customer, engagement continues. If it doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, they will go elsewhere.

A customer experience strategy begins and ends with exceptional customer service. Customers want to feel that their needs are being heard and met by the companies that they choose to interact with.

CX Journey

Using two little words during customer interactions

Beginning and ending each conversation you have with a customer by saying thank you. It can be one of the most effective ways to ensure that your customer service provision will add to their overall CX journey. This shows that you appreciate your customer and will elevate your brand’s reputation to one of loyalty and kindness.

Making sure your technology puts customers first

Today’s customers enjoy having a degree of independence when it comes to managing their own accounts and accessing both information and customer support. Offering easy to use features such as live chat to customers can be an absolute godsend as it allows them to ask questions while on the go, especially if they have limited time to spend on a phone call.

Engaging with your customers in their own space

Show a real interest in your customers overall journey with your brand by engaging with them on the channels that suit them best. Be it social, email or over the phone, taking an active interest in your customer’s experience pre-and-post visits lets them know that you truly value them.

Poor Experiences

If a customer has a poor or bad experience with a customer care agent, this can have a huge impact on how they view your brand going forward and their overall CX journey. It doesn’t matter if your company sells top of the line products or great problem solving solutions, if a customer doesn’t enjoy the interaction that they have with your company on a whole, you can be at risk of losing them as a customer. This is why the provision of excellent customer service ensures an enjoyable CX journey for your customers.

At CallPageboy, it is important to us that your customers get the best customer service experience. Our technology allows us to respond to your needs quickly and effectively with 24 support.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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