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Women Leaders in Customer Service

To celebrate International Women’s day this Monday 8th March, let’s have a look at female leaders in the Customer Service industry. This article on women leaders was originally  posted on freshdesk.com.

Women Leaders

Popular culture has embraced the idea that women and men are different. True as that may be, we tend to map these differences to gender stereotypes.

Stereotypes are generalisations we make to differentiate groups of people, and anticipate and respond to these differences, instead of having to figure it all out from the ground up.

A research by Zenger Folkman published two key findings:

1. Women were rated better than men on 12 of the 16 leadership competencies

Data shows that more women were rated as better ‘overall leaders’ by their peers, managers, direct reports, and fellow associates.

2. There are more men in leadership roles

Research data shows that there are more men in the upper rung of the hierarchy and more women in the lower rung of the hierarchy.

What’s intriguing about these findings is though women are rated better than men in these leadership competencies, we don’t see as many women in leadership roles. Why? Here are three key reasons.

  1. Most of the leadership competencies are closely tied to common stereotypes around men’s traits.
  2. It is difficult to change people’s conscious and unconscious beliefs about gender roles because we don’t realise we hold them.
  3. Our brain is wired that way.

Gender stereotypes are notoriously sticky, in part because we’re often unaware that we hold them ―Dr. Tiina Likki

Though holding gender stereotypes saves us time and energy in understanding and differentiating people, they may emerge more strongly under certain conditions such as culture roles or leadership competencies.

But that hasn’t stopped women from reaching new heights in their respective areas of expertise. Take for instance the customer service function. Customer service is the key differentiator for businesses in a highly competitive and digital world and it’s no exception to gender stereotypes. This calls for strong leaders in the forefront ensuring that great customer experience is the competitive edge you have over your competitors.

Here are a few women leaders, influencers, and strategists (in no particular order) who’ve broken the glass ceiling in the …

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